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    I&#039;m a little confused about abanding the session id. I thought running the session.abandon code suppose to get rid of the session ID. In theory, it suppose to create a new one if the browser starts hitting my site again. My problem is after i abandon the session after a user logout of my site, but when i try to log back in using the same browser session(w/o closing the browser), it generates the same session ID.. anyone know why?? and what is the proper way to abandon a session then??<BR>

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    Default Gurus, help please...

    well, in my limited and rather dull experience, what you are saying is happening should not happen.<BR><BR>if you use session.abandon during an active session, it WILL end the session, so your problem seems impossible.<BR><BR>One issue is that if you have more than one browser window open on your computer pointed to the site , then the server may abandon the session, but the cookie won&#039;t erase from your machine so the session won&#039;t actually end. <BR><BR>The question is: if you open 2 browser windows and point them to the same site, is the sessionID the same? Anyone?

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