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    Maleeha Guest

    Default Listbox problem in Frame

    I&#039;m using three listboxes. Selection in LB1 determines the options in LB2, selection On selecting an item in LB2 & clicking the button addtoLB3 adds that item to LB3.If i run this code written in Javascript normally(without frames) in IE it runs perfectly but when i run htis code in a frame then on selecting option in LB2 & clicking the button addtoLB3 shows the option added to LB3 only once & then on clicking the button again later the LB3 disappears. There&#039;s some frame prob which i cannot find out. If anyone knows plz reply soon.<BR>THnx

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    Maleeha Guest

    Default Its a Bug in IE 5.0

    Found the prob. Its a bug in IE 5.0. The listboxe is not redrawn properly. This bug is fixed in IE 5.5

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