Hi,<BR><BR>We have an IIS4 web server that makes calls via ASP to an MTS remote component. The source component resides on another NT4 box that is the other side of our firewall (the component is produced by SAP&#039;s DCOM builder).<BR><BR>The problem is this - intermittently (though more or less every day), calls to the remote component return an ASP error (&#039;The RPC Server Is Unvailable&#039;) which can be fixed by shutting down the server processes on the source machine using the MMC. Any other calls to this component get the same error until this is done.<BR><BR>There is also an Event Viewer application log entry on the web server with the following data:<BR><BR>Failed on creation from object context: CoGetClassObject (ProgId: C11.Test38a.1) (CLSID: {7EDA40DA-7AB9-11D5-980E-0000F6EFC00C}) (Interface: IClassFactory) (IID: {00000001-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}) (Microsoft Transaction Server Internals Information: File: i:vipersrc
untimecontextccontext.cpp, Line: 1355) <BR><BR>Does anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening? No changes are made to the configuration of either box between these incidents.<BR><BR>Any help would be very, very much appreciated,<BR><BR>Vip<BR>tin-cup@cyberdude.com<BR>