I am using this code to add jobs to a table<BR><BR>thearray = split( request("selcreat"),",") <BR>for i = 0 to ubound(thearray) <BR>sSQL = "insert into userjob (jid, uid) values (" & lUserID & ", " & thearray(i) & ")" <BR>Dconn.Execute sSQL<BR>next<BR>Dconn.Close<BR>Set Dconn = Nothing<BR><BR>Here the jobs description remains the same only it repeats depending the number of users and then it adds as follws.<BR><BR>jid &#124 uid<BR>12 &#124 1<BR>12 &#124 3<BR>12 &#124 4<BR>13 &#124 2<BR>13 &#124 3<BR>13 &#124 1<BR>... etc<BR><BR>I have a table of users like this<BR><BR>uid &#124 name &#124 email<BR>1 &#124 jolly &#124 jolly@xyz.com<BR>2 &#124 john &#124 john@xyz.com<BR>...<BR><BR>What I would likt to do is as the job is being added, I want to pickup the email addresses of the users from the user table and email them...<BR><BR>I am using ASPQMAIL. I also know how to send to multiple recipients. What help I need is how do i get the email ids form the user table while the job is being added. I also mentioned that I am adding the jobs via an array (as shown above)<BR><BR>Please help