Hi i hope some one can help .. I am getting object requiered with the following line<BR><BR>for each xmlPNode in xmlRoot.childNodes<BR><BR>the code is shown below<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>int i <BR>dim myArray(13)<BR><BR><BR>set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.xmldom")<BR><BR>xmldoc.asy nc = false<BR>xmldoc.load("hh.xml")<BR>set xmlRoot = xmlDoc.documentElement<BR> for each xmlPNode in xmlRoot.childNodes<BR> i = 0<BR> for each xmlNode in xmlPNode.childNodes<BR> myArray(i) = xmlNode.text<BR> response.write(myArray(i) & "<BR>") <BR> <BR> i = i + 1<BR>next<BR>next<BR> %&#062;