Mods to Nannette's dhtml menu to use frames

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Thread: Mods to Nannette's dhtml menu to use frames

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    Andrew L Guest

    Default Mods to Nannette's dhtml menu to use frames

    Hi there - I&#039;m using Nannette&#039;s DHTML menu system, but modifying it so that it remains in a left hand frame, while calling stuff in either the right-hand frame "MainFrame" or in a new window, depending on the setting of bNewWin.<BR><BR>Nannette&#039;s code was this:<BR><BR>function navTo(oItem,szURL,bNewWin) {<BR> mActive(oItem);<BR> if (bNewWin)<BR>;<BR> else<BR> window.self.location.href = szURL;<BR>}<BR><BR>From searching around (I&#039;m a complete JSript Novice) i&#039;ve modified this to:<BR><BR>function navTo(oItem,szURL,bNewWin) {<BR> mActive(oItem);<BR> if (bNewWin)<BR>;<BR> else<BR> window.frames[&#039;MainFrame&#039;].open(szURL);<BR>}<BR><BR>but this still isn&#039;t working. Any Ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks, Andrew

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    Andrew L Guest

    Default Found It - RE: Mods to Nannette's dhtml menu

    The answer is :<BR><BR>function navTo(oItem,szURL,bNewWin) {<BR> mActive(oItem);<BR> if (bNewWin)<BR>;<BR> else<BR>,"MainFrame");

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