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    Lynn Maharet Guest

    Default Flash history start from beginning

    Hi All, <BR> I have this prob. I actually set the textbox disabled the first time the page is visited but it&#039;s not during design time. Pls refer to the code:<BR>&#060;INPUT &#060;% if trim(getString1(comp_name)) &#060;&#062; "unmanaged" then Response.Write "disabled" %&#062; type="text" maxLength=150 name=Other_CompName style="HEIGHT: 22px; WIDTH: 231px" tabIndex=3 value="&#060;%getText ("ot_compname") %&#062;" &#062;<BR><BR>So the first time comp_name is empty so it&#039;s set to disabled. <BR>There is also a radio button when I click on it will enable the above textbox. So i click on the radio button and enter some value in the textbox but when I click on another link then press on the IE back button the value is still there but the text box is being disabled again which shouldn&#039;t be. It seems that when it Response.WRite disabled ..the disabled stays.<BR><BR>Any way to totally refresh the page when the back button is pressed ?? <BR><BR>thks a lot...i appreciate it...

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

    Default start from beginning(Change response title)

    In addition to the preview posting...the page has not been submitted when clicking on other links then going back.

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