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    I am trying to use the following code to check if cookies are enabled on the first page that is loaded:<BR><BR>If InSTR(Request.ServerVariables("ALL_HTTP"),"HTTP_CO OKIE") &#062; 0 Then <BR>&#039;cookies are enabled<BR>...<BR><BR>Works great on the second and all other pages, but not on the first.<BR><BR>The problem seems to be the session cookie is set on the first page and you can&#039;t immediately use the request object on the same page the session cookie is set on. <BR><BR>Is there a way around this (besides posting to another page)? If cookies are enabled, I&#039;d like to capture the refering site, so this need to work on the first page loaded.

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    This isn&#039;t ideal but...<BR>On your first page you could try writing a test cookie, and then seeing if you can retrieve it. If you get nothing back when you request it, then it didn&#039;t get set, so they probably don&#039;t have cookies enabled.<BR>

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