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    HELLO, I am Manuel, I have a problem, I need to keep ""all"" the errors in run time Microsoft VBScript, until now single I can keep (his I number, description, source) the last error in a text file, with instruction ON ERROR RESPONSE NEXT. Until now they have said to me that not it can. It wanted that you helped me. Gracias....

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    Default Not too sure what you mean

    But most of the books/people say have an on error resume next at the top of your page and then an error handler at the bottom...yeah works but the problem is it will only catch the last error.<BR><BR>What *I* do is i do not have an resume next at the top but before any db activity and immediately after that an error handler...the advantage of that is i can catch the error more or less where it happens.<BR><BR><BR>Now to answer (what i think is) your question what your error handler should do i guess is concatinate all the errors into (a)varaiable(s) and then at the bottom a "mega/main" error handler and write it to a file or something like this.<BR><BR>Think this makes any sense?<BR><BR>Sorry but this is all i could figure from your question. Let me know if you need a bigger(more) clarfication(s).<BR><BR>

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