Thank you for all of you!

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Thread: Thank you for all of you!

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    Default Thank you for all of you!

    I just won 6/6 in state of Texas, Houston. I will change into real estate. I will not be on here as frequently anymore. Thank you so much for all of your dedication.

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    Default Assuming you were talking about ASP

    and how people here helped you....le me join you in thanking all the people here for helping me too...though i did not get a "6/6 in state of Texas, Houston" (what ever that means) they helped me a **** load too...cant name names cause there have been too many..though a few might really stand out.<BR><BR>Guess i have never said this before <BR><BR>So here goes<BR><BR>THANKS ALL. You guys have really helped me get to this higher level (well anything better was a higher level than what i was before i came here) in ASP programming.

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