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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m constantly having ASP related problems with my server. Most often it&#039;s been page can&#039;t displayed, server error #500 -- with only the .ASP pages not coming up, but the .html pages working fine.<BR>I also have database driver related problems (I&#039;m using Access) with the permissions getting nulled every so often, so I can only read from the DB, not write to it.<BR>I have also started using Application variables lately and I&#039;ve noticed that they get erased at least once, usually twice every 24 hours.<BR><BR>Are all these things normal? Is NT that unstable an operating system.<BR>Will I have such problems on another server? These guys, Digital Chainsaw are supposedly reputable, and they normally charge $30/month, though because I have a reseller rate I&#039;m only paying $12 and I don&#039;t think I can afford another server at this point.<BR>My site is only getting 5 hits an hour at this point. I&#039;m worried that if we continue growing I&#039;ll be in big trouble.<BR>Anyone have any suggestions?

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    friendly eors in ie to see real asp error. Tools/internet options/advanced etc. Sounds like you have coding problems. Do not put objects in session vars or anything of that nature. Make sure to close all connection obj and recordset objects on each page and set them = nothing.

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