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    I have been informed that search engines (or their spiders) don&#039;t much care for querystring riddled sites, and that without doorpages i won&#039;t get very good indexing. is there a way to get the same effect of the ?var=val&var2=val2 without using that format? i was concidering making a dynamic 404 page that would take the URL after a certain point and treat it as a query string. but that seems a bit drastic to me. Any thoughts?<BR><BR>-Echo

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    Read somethign like this some time ago but not sure so ill tell you what i think i can remember<BR><BR>You can stop a spider from crawling your in as far as i know it can still crawl your site but if you put someting on yout site it will know that it shold not crawl that page. Instead you can put some file (robot.txt) or something like that and this spider will read that file and get all the links it should index. <BR><BR>I would suggest you R&D that...i am pretty sure that is what it was all about. So what you will have to do now is figure how to create that file which the spider will crawl and where it should be created/kept on your site.<BR><BR>

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