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    I am developing a Computer based training application (CBT) and would like to use ASP to code it. What I need it to do is tie the CBT to a database so that it keeps track of how far a specific user has progressed through the CBT (If a user does six lessons, exits and comes back it should automatically start at the 7th lesson...etc). Any similar source code or other help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Sounds pretty basic to me. What are you having trouble with?<BR><BR>To keep track of the student&#039;s progress you would only need a table like this:<BR><BR>Create Table Progress(<BR>StID Int,<BR>LessonNo Int,<BR>Score Int,<BR>DatePassed Date);<BR><BR>This table would have a one-to-many relationship with the StudentDetails table:<BR><BR>Create Table StudentDetails(<BR>StID Int,<BR>Email Text(120),<BR>Password Text(10),<BR>FirstName Text(50),<BR>Surname Text(50),<BR>Address Text(200),<BR>....);<BR><BR>As the student completes each lesson, a new record is added to the table. Next time he logs in and wants to go to the next lesson, you would use the following query:<BR><BR>SqlCmd = "Select Max(LessonNo) from Progress where StID = " & StID<BR>Set Rs=Conn.Execute(SqlCmd)<BR>NextLesson = CInt(Rs(0)) + 1<BR><BR>For the login you would just need to use the Email and Password fields of table, StudentDetails. And on a successfull login you could pass the StID from page to page to identify the student.

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