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    Right guys,<BR><BR>I know this has been asked several times in the past, and that there have been several ideas proposed. I was just wondering if anyone had any new ones, or adaptations of the old ones.<BR><BR>A client wants to secure the download of files until the user is verified.<BR><BR>The main one I can think of as being proposed before was as follows:<BR>1) Create a login page which sets a session variable if successful.<BR>2) Show a list of links, each going to download.asp and passing a unique id according to the file.<BR>3) download.asp loads in this id and converts it to a physical file (text file/db/something)<BR>4) download.asp loads the file using a stream object and fires it back to the user.<BR><BR>Great, that&#039;s basically what I want but for files in excess of 11mb... ASP will surely time out after that amount of time, especially on slow connections.<BR><BR>Anyone got any other ideas? I&#039;m open to any suggestions, including COM objects.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    You might want to look into Microsoft Site Server. It would be a more involved solution than the steps you&#039;ve outlined, but is an option. I&#039;m using it for the same purpose right now. <BR><BR>Site Server lets you create different groups, of users and access rights on the file system level. (You don&#039;t always access files as IUSR) <BR><BR>If $$ is involved and you have big downloads this might really be the way to go.<BR><BR>

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