We are the manufacture. Acct Reps sell our products. The problem: We are really pushing our reps to use our site not only to place an order with us, but to use our site as their quote application. For the most part, they love it. However, they want to be able to see their costs, WITHOUT us being able to see them. <BR>Example:<BR><BR>WHOLESALER CONTRACTOR MANU LIST<BR><BR>Multi NetEa ExtCost Multi NetEa ExtCost Multi NetEa ExtCost<BR><BR><BR>MANU List they will get from our site, but the other info they do not want to lay on our server (imagine!!). So, any ideas? <BR><BR>The only thing I can think of is to have a link on the quote page going to their server, which feeds my info to a duplicate page (on their server)and then they in turn can fill in the missing info....i.e., multiplier and cost info. Follow me???<BR><BR>Any ideas would be appreciated. Trying very hard to satisfy my internal and externalcustomers.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>