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    does anyone see anything wrong with the following statement?<BR><BR>SELECT ID, ProjectStatus, ProjectDescription, ProjectOwner, [Date Opened], ProjectDisposition, [Date Closed] FROM Projects WHERE (Status=&#039;Closed&#039; Or Status=&#039;Cancelled&#039;) And ([Date Closed] Between #" & fromDate & "# And #" & toDate & "#) ORDER BY [Date Closed]<BR><BR>Access Database<BR><BR>I keep getting "Too few parameters. Expected 1" and I can&#039;t figure out why. I have checked my code and table names and they all match up. Maybe I&#039;m just not seeing something in the code. Any help is appreciated.

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    Default RTFFAQs

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    the other steve Guest

    Default not date or empty maybe

    I hate it when that happens!<BR><BR>I see nothing, but I&#039;m bad a proofreading.<BR><BR>I find that either I&#039;ve changed a field name the database or I&#039;ve got a spelling error (wrong field name in the query string).<BR><BR>I haven&#039;t used the [Date Opened] syntax. Is that a field name? I assume you use the brackets because of the space. I&#039;d get rid of the space for long term proofing and portability - I&#039;m sure you&#039;ve heard that before.<BR><BR>2 possibilities:<BR><BR>Make sure fromDate is a date type by doing a cdate(fromdate) on it prior to the query string and the same goes for toDate.<BR><BR>Also make sure neither fromDate is empty or toDate is empty or you&#039;ll get the error.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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    zain ( the dragon) Guest

    Default error reason

    This mistake nearly always occurs simply due to an extra or missing quotations ..its definitley porb some &#039; or "

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    the other steve Guest

    Default projectStatus - Status

    I noticed you&#039;ve got a field called projectStatus and a field called Status...same field by any chance?

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