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    Hi Guys<BR><BR>Can anyone help!!<BR><BR>I am generating a report. This report will come more than 10 pages. User can view only one page at a <BR>time, with the navigation bar he can view all pages. But when they click i want to print all pages not <BR>the current frame. I am developing this report in ASP,SQL.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Rajsankar

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    With IE you can choose to print all linked documents - if you create an index page with all the links in they print this document and all linked...fortunately this process respects the order of the links so it collates properly<BR><BR>problem is printing many versions of the document.<BR><BR>if you are developing for an intranet you can dump all the files to a network printer under the user&#039;s account (using just asp) - a much better approach...

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