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    I'm developing a web application, wich will be distrubuted. Because of that, I'm looking for a software who will create a installations file to extract the files to the right dirs, but it should also create a DSN name in the ODBC. Any program like this avaible out there?

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    I think you need Install Shield.

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    Why go to all that trouble. <BR><BR>1) Use DSN-less connections in your pages and you won&#039;t need to create any.<BR>2) Make sure that you use realtive paths in your code so that the pages will work on any server/in any path.<BR>3) You could if you wanted to, get the users to simply copy all the files that comprise your app into a folder in their webserver, then get them to load Setup.Asp which could use FSO to create any sub-folders you want, and move the files to those folders.<BR>4) Or you could just zip them up (saving the relative path info) and distribute your app as a zip file.

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