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    whats the easiest way to check if there is no text only numbers in a text box

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    for that, you&#039d wanna use regular expressions. there&#039s a really good overview and reference in "JavaScript, the Definitive Guide" (from O&#039Reilley).<BR><BR>I haven&#039t tested it, but I&#039m pretty sure this is the code for what you want...<BR><BR>//*******************<BR>var test1 = "123456X789";<BR>var test2 = "1234567890";<BR><BR>var result1 = test1.match(/D/);<BR>var result2 = test2.match(/D/);<BR><BR>// /D/ says to look for a non-digit in the test string<BR><BR>//result1 is an array where result1[0] = &#039X&#039 (the mathching text)<BR>//and result1.index = 6 (the index of the matching text)<BR><BR>//result2 is equal to null, because there was no match<BR>//for a non-digit search<BR><BR>//*******************<BR><BR>hope this helps..

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