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    Hi! friends,<BR><BR>I have two databases one is a remote database say &#039;X&#039; (Allbase) having DSN "xxx" and second database (Access2000) in local computer say &#039;Y&#039; having DSN "yyy" . I want to run a query like <BR> " INSERT INTO LOCAL SELECT * FROM REMOTE " . So I need two Connection Objects (conRemote and conLocal)and two Recordset objects (RsRemote,RsLocal)....can anyone tell me the exact way of doing I am getting some funny errors....what I mean is can you tell me the syntax...which connection and recordset should come after which and where and when to write the query.and weather the connections need to be closed or to remain open when the other is open.<BR><BR>Thanks & Rgds<BR>Nilabdhi<BR><BR>

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    It does not work like that, because the two databases have to be accessed by two separate connections. When you open a recordset on a connection, that connection cannot see the tables in the other database. <BR><BR>You can of course, issue sql commands to read data from one database, and separate sql commands to insert that data into the other database

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