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    Please help...Does anyone know of a reliable ISP that provides service for ASP and sql server. Currently we are going through Host Pro and its ridiculous. Our site has been down 4 times for some "random" unknown causes in the past month. We are lossing tons of business. Please, please please give me the name of someone RELIABLE...<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default www.sohosnet.com

    ok, I admit, they are my friends, but I gain nothing from suggesting them to you. They are an owesome company, based in omaha, nebraska, and they have really good plans for hosting. And they are always reliable and up and running. Try them out. Hey, you might even say Akis sent you there!<BR>:o)

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    Default intermedia.net

    good pricing. up all the time. I&#039;ve been with them for a couple of years and 0 down time so far.

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