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    Default How to deal with Float values

    I am using floating values with an Acces database. When I use them in an insert query for example, I get an error that the amount of columns doesn&#039;t match (since there is a , in the float values)<BR><BR>I tried to threat those columns as strings, embedding them in &#039;s but that doesn&#039;t seem to work :(<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to solve this?

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    Default You cannot do that.

    You cannot have non-numeric characters in a numeric field. That means commas. The use of commas is a format thing which allows you to display them with commas, but you cannot input them that way. I suggest that if you are expecting the values to be input with commas, then you will have use the Replace() function to remove them befor inputting them into database:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>FloatValue=CDbl(Replac e(Request.Form("FloatValue"),",",""))<BR>Rs("Float Value") = FloatValue<BR>Rs.Update<BR>%&#062;

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