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    Tomer Guest

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    I am working on a small application in which one of my tables contains people information. In such a table it is natural to use Social Security Number as the table&#039;s primary key. One of the function of the application is to update and delete records... to do that I need to pass around the SSN. I usually do that by adding the SSN as a querystring variable but... it is the person&#039;s SSN and it should be hidden, right? Using post wouldn&#039;t make much more secure. Any one have ideas? I thought maybe decrypt the SSN and then pass it. Does this solution make sense?<BR><BR>Any idea will be wellcomed<BR><BR>Thank<BR><BR>Tomer Cagan <BR>

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    I&#039;m not sure that peoples SSN&#039;s should be available in any way on the internet or intranet. No amount of security is 100%. I&#039;d use the record ID number or something else to identify the record to update or delete. Just my 2 cents.

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

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    I concur on that privacy issue. Earlier this year when working on a major site for PepBoys, the same realization hit us; that with almost 20,000 employees, those SSN&#039;s would be seen should they be used as unique identifiers....so we opted for ID numbers instead. Privacy is as privacy does, and nothing&#039;s better that keeping that kind of data private!<BR><BR>Jim

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    the other steve Guest

    Default no ssn as keyfield

    Do not use the ssn as keyfield - that&#039;s asking for trouble. In fact, it&#039;s generally good policy to have an autonumbered field in every table just for future scalability. Unless you have serious storage issues, this is good database design.

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    More appropriate to use something other than the SSN for privacy reasons...It could also be legally less troublesome to use some other identifer. <BR>You&#039;re just asking for a lawsuit every time someone&#039;s SSN is stolen and used illicitly, which *will* happen if you continue with your current design, I promise.

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