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    I&#039;m having a major problem with the carrying over of variables using a response.redirect<BR><BR>at the top of the page I call my variables from the form like:<BR><BR>dim pdescription2, pnameit2, entry12<BR>pdescription2 = request.form("description")<BR>pnameit2 = request.form("nameit")<BR>entry12 = Request.Form("Entry1")<BR> <BR>later on the page after I check for their password i do a redirect like below.<BR><BR>response.redirect "../ie/cu/save.asp?name="&pnameit2&"&description="&pdescript ion2&"&entry="&entry12<BR><BR>but on the save page the url looks like:<BR>save.asp?name=&description=&entry= <BR><BR>what in the world could I be doing wrong?<BR><BR>thanks for any help..<BR>

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    simplify your code and test it....why should the variables be named differently than the form names. If i have a form field that&#039;s going into a DB, i have the names the same.<BR><BR>And response.write the variables if they are not being passed for some reason...really helps in debugging.<BR><BR>Dim description, nameit, entry1<BR><BR>description = request.form("description")<BR>nameit = request.form("nameit")<BR>entry1 = Request.Form("Entry1")<BR><BR>Response.Write "description =" & description<BR>&#039;...etc<BR><BR>Response.Write "redirectURL?pdescription=" & pdescription &#039;...etc<BR><BR>

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