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    Hi,<BR><BR>I want to set multiple columns to a 0 value, is it possible to do this in one time? I am asking because there are over 80 columns that have to be set to 0 in this table...<BR><BR>If this is not possible, is it then possible to take over the values of a few columns from an existing table (and setting all other columns to 0) without adding the records one for one?<BR><BR>I am working with an Acces97 database. Any help is welcome :)

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    Default Easiest way... to set the DEFAULT for each of those columns to zero (a bit tedious, but you only do it once, in the table "Design View" of Access).<BR><BR>Then when you add a record, all the fields you don&#039;t explicitly set to some other value become 0 (or any other default that you choose!). Unfortunately, you can&#039;t do this to existing records.<BR><BR>

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