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    I was going through some old shopping cart code that was written by my predecessor, and here&#039;s how he commented out some lines of code in a page:<BR><BR>If 1 &#060; 0 then<BR> ...<BR>end if<BR><BR>We&#039;re not sure why this was done, but we chuckled merrily :)

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    He&#039;s doing the best he can for VBScript&#039;s block commenting... I use that in testing, but it would never make it to the final product.<BR><BR>Does make you wonder sometimes though, when you see stuff like that ;)

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

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    Hmm<BR><BR>that is interesting. It&#039;s funny how that never occurred to me to do. I am glad it didn&#039;t, I would probably forget to take out that stupid code and some maintenance programmer would be laughing at me.<BR><BR>(Used your website on monday night not too bad, pretty strict navigation, it irritated my brother in law. )

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