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    working on my first asp site.<BR>I have read over and over that it is a VERY good idea to close all your db connections and set the objects to nothing at the end of a page.<BR><BR>My question is how do these db connections work? can I get a connection and keep it with a user over the course of a few pages or at the end of each page should I be setting it to "nothing" and closing it? which is a better solution and why? <BR><BR>thanks

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    Default Close but no cigar

    NOT at the end of the page but immediately AFTER you are through with it and not jsut connections and recordsets but ANY object.<BR><BR>NEVER NEVER pass connection objects from one page to another AND NEVER put it in a session variable.<BR><BR>Close it and set it to nothing IMMEDIATELY after you are though with it.<BR><BR>Sleep it <BR>Breath it<BR>Live it<BR>CODE it

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