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    SQL 7.0 has a option for ID Increment how can I write something to query the DB and +1 for the next ID number which will be entered for the form? Basically I want to tell the user what the ID number will be before the form is submitted.<BR>My other question is, how reliable is this? What if 2 people were entering the form at the same time? (not many people will be using this but its possible for 2 to be using it at the same time)<BR><BR>Matt

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    You can only be certain of the IDENTITY value after you&#039;ve commited the changes. Why would the user need to know the ID value?

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    the trick is dude is to open a record set and get the id number of the LAST record in the table ..add 1 to it and then give it to ur user and bob&#039;s ur uncle

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