Several 'counts' in same query

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Thread: Several 'counts' in same query

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    Any ideas on getting 6 &#039;counts&#039; from a large table (100000+) v quickly?<BR><BR>I have to extract several levels of stats from a &#039;messages&#039; table for an individual user. I am using a stored procedure to store the relevant users messages in a temp table then doing select count for today, yesterday, last week, last month etc, along the lines of the 4guys article re &#039;paging recs with a sproc&#039;. This does not seem to speed my ASP up - I thought this would be quicker than going thru the whole table for every individual count. Am I just doing work that SQL Server does transparently anyway? (The messageID and userID are both indexed).<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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