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    Steve Hall Guest

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    Is there a way to prevent a user from printing specific pages of a web. Some of the data displayed is sensitive and we would like to make it difficult (if not impossible) for them to print it out<BR><BR>

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    Mr Swifty Guest

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    If you have sensitive information on certain web pages, you should barr access to those pages, or make access conditional on the user&#039s identity (which is not something I can explain here).<BR>OR don&#039t include sensitive information on a web page at all.

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    Steve Hall Guest

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    The information in question are lists & account details etc of our customers. A sales guy is free to view the customer info while employed but we&#039d like to prevent (or make it difficult) for him/her to copy/print this info just prior to him leaving to move to a competitor. I know there are always ways around any solution but these guys are not computer literate and if it&#039s difficult then they probably won&#039t do it.

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    Mr Swifty Guest

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    I&#039m not absolutely sure I&#039m getting the right end of the stick here. Basically, if someone has access to a web page, it can be printed out and the text can be copied and pasted and so on.<BR>However, you could disallow free use of the printers and set up a system whereby an employee has to submit a detailed print request document every time he or she wants to use a printer.<BR><BR>Essentially then, you trust them with the information to some extent, but just in case they&#039re thinking of moving you want to prevent their potential espionage activities?

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    KPW Guest

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    Well, if they&#039re not computer literate then one thing you can try is white text on a black background. It seems to me that, when you go to print, the background will print white and the text will print white as well. Therefore, you&#039ll get a blank page.<BR><BR>Of course, this doesn&#039t prevent people from copying and pasting.

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