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    &nbsp;<BR>We have been having trouble linking our exisiting website with a company called DataCash. They basically process transactions immedately.<BR><BR>To summarise the problem, we are not sure how to call the DataCash module from our &#039;confirm order&#039; page. If anyone has had experience setting up Datacash with a &#039;home made&#039; shopping cart and think they may be able to help, please email me at bloor_james@hotmail.com. I can then email you the code and give you more information.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>James - bloor_james@hotmail.com<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    I don&#039;t want to seem rude, but what haev you tried so far?<BR><BR>Have you tried downloading the documentation from their site ?<BR>http://www.datacash.com/stronghold/ntsoft/DataCashDocs.zip<BR><BR>The link says that the are sample ASP pages included in that Zip file.<BR><BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>Thanks for the reply,<BR><BR>We have read all of the documentation on the DataCash site, but can&#039;t seem to get our heads around it.<BR><BR>This is how we understand it:<BR><BR>1) Customer adds item to cart, and then proceeds to checkout - all on our site.<BR><BR>2) They then fill in all personal details, including how they want to pay - i.e. credit/debit card - again on our site.<BR><BR>3) They then click on confirm order, and their order information is passed to DataCash. This is where we get lost. We have been told by our host that the server has been set up as explained on the Datacash site, with the module installed. <BR><BR>I think we are connecting to the module fine, but keep receiving errors regarding the card numbers.<BR><BR>If anyone would think it useful, I would gladly email our last page and the datacash module for them to inspect.<BR><BR><BR>Please help! - It is sooooo frustrating to be so close yet so far.<BR><BR>Cheers.<BR><BR>James.

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