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    Danny Gray Guest

    Default Publishing an ASP site on CD-ROM

    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a database driven ASP website which somehow needs to be published offline on a CD-ROM. The HTML front end should work offline no problem, however clearly as ASP is server side code, I will need something different to query the database. Does anyone hae any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Danny

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    prakash Guest

    Default mmm

    Well<BR><BR>1. what kind of Database you have...???<BR>2. you can copy the same to an CD-ROM and create an new Virtual Directory for the same.<BR>3. well your client should have ASP Running in his comp, like if he has WIN 95/98..then he should have the PWS running in his comp, as you know the ASP are server side.<BR><BR>I hope this helps and dont bet on this....<BR>or be more specific...what actually you and your cleint is looking in for...<BR><BR>Have fun ;-)<BR>

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    Danny Gray Guest

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    Hi, thanks for your suggestions.<BR><BR>It is an Access database, and the client wants the CD-ROM to be a stand alone thing that works offline. Unfortunately it has to be Mac compatible, so no IIS.<BR><BR>I wasn&#039;t sure if it was possible to be honest, so thought I would see what people came up with! The only other alternative I can think of is to code it up in JavaScript, with the data held in arrays.<BR><BR>Thanks again, Danny.

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    One thing that I used to do for certain projects like this was create my own database.<BR><BR>Export the Database to a text file and then use file handlers to read from the text files as if reading from a database. That way you can place the entire site + db on the CD.<BR><BR>Not sure about running ASP off the CD on a mac though. You may have to follow your own advice and use JavaScript and Java components.<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR>Jeremy<BR>

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    Danny Gray Guest

    Default RE: mmm

    Hi Jeremy,<BR><BR>Thanks for the reply - any suggestions welcome really as I&#039;m just guessing at the moment to be honest!<BR><BR>I think I will leave the ASP part to the website only. Does the text file of a database use comma separated values or something? I have done a similar thing using arrays in JavaScript and looping through them, so that&#039;s a great idea.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Danny

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