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    Have just noticed this forum (excuse the fact I&#039;ve already posted it in the asp forum)<BR><BR>Hi,<BR><BR>I have a question regarding saFileUP.<BR><BR>If I have a JavaScript (client side) array of filenames (with full path) that I want to upload to the server is it possible to pass this information to the upload component for them to be uploaded?<BR><BR>So far I have tried to put each value into a hidden HTML form element and post the form to the component. This gives me a success message but no file is uploaded. (both with and without the enctype="multipart/form-data").<BR><BR>Is it only possible to pass the info about the file using the &#060;INPUT TYPE = "FILE"&#062; form element?<BR><BR>My problem is that the files are not chosen using the form element they are already known<BR><BR>Is there a work around for this problem? Can I pass the POST the path and filename to the component using a different method?<BR>

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    1. you can&#039;t manipulate &#060;input type="file"&#062; elements. it&#039;s a massive security risk.<BR>2. no, you can&#039;t upload files without user intervention. the user MUST select the file (thus giving implicit permission for you to retrive the file)<BR><BR>so there is no easy solution. a SIGNED ActiveX control or java applet could do it, but ONLY if it&#039;s signed by you and approved by the user.<BR><BR>j

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