Hi<BR>I am facing a problem while uploading a file to the server.<BR>I am posting the data with form(encoding="multipart/form-data",method="post").At server side(in action ASP page) i am receiving the form data and reading that by using BinaryRead method of Request Object. And then i am writing the received data into a file.But IT IS WRITING SOME HEADER INFO ALSO INTO THE TARGETTED FILE. I don&#039;t know why it is writing header info and i want to remove that header info from the file.<BR><BR>If u find solution for me i am very thankful to u.And pls mail me the solution code for the following mail ids.<BR><BR>1.pasurla@yahoo.com<BR>2.srpasurla@7hi llsbiz.com<BR><BR>Thanking U very mcuh....<BR><BR>with regards<BR>pasurla