INNERHOST - $20/mo 50 megs?! Expensive?

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Thread: INNERHOST - $20/mo 50 megs?! Expensive?

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    Default INNERHOST - $20/mo 50 megs?! Expensive?

    Is this expensive?<BR><BR>I was looking for a good host for my SQL server db..<BR>One of the standard hosting is $44/mo + $20/mo for <BR>SQL Server, 50 megs.<BR><BR>Each additional 50 megs is $20/mo. If I&#039m growing to<BR>over 400 megs and then some .. this can be expensive!<BR><BR>Are there any other better choices?

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    Default RE: INNERHOST - $20/mo 50 megs?! Expensive?

    get a dedicated Server<BR>You can do whatever you want with this server - I&#039m not so sure what the costs are for that, but its something around 50$ to 100$, you also can share this machine with someone else<BR>E.g. I could offer you to share a dedicated server for $50 per month.<BR>Regards<BR>Volker

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