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    ok ok ok<BR><BR>i just read this thread:<BR><BR>all i can say is that if i am one of those "regulars" referred to there, i truly apologize - i am admittedly one of the worst offenders when it comes to posted non-asp material - and a repeat offender at that<BR><BR>so if you all would like, i&#039;ll step back and mellow out a little<BR><BR>sorry - i just try to provide a little break for all of us hard-working drones - but if it&#039;s not acceptable and is a hindrance, i&#039;ll cut down - i can&#039;t promise i&#039;ll stop completely, but i&#039;ll cut down<BR><BR>my apologies

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    Default RE: confession's of a blues singer

    Hmm<BR><BR>IMO, (not akhilesh&#039;s)<BR><BR>I like when people post OT funny stuff.<BR>I come to the board for a break from my coding.<BR><BR>I hate the absolute stupid "nothing to do with asp whatsover" posts, that are, in fact tech questions by pseudo legitimate developers but are absolutely stupid. <BR><BR>when i first started here, asking a javascript question was considered bad netiquette. Now people post with others handles for kicks.<BR><BR>I prefer fetuccini...

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    Default well thanks

    at least i know i haven&#039;t ticked off a blues fan<BR><BR>that would be too hard to take

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    Hmm.<BR><BR>Blues Fan, you are?<BR><BR>If someone irritates me, I give it to them.<BR><BR>OH well, the pool pee was funny. but ramen still isn&#039;t as good as fettucini.

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    Default well

    we aim to please<BR><BR>:)<BR><BR>p.s. was listening to my jimi hendrix blues cd on the way to work this morning as a matter of fact - he does some of his own stuff as well as some muddy waters, etc - good stuff

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    Hmm.<BR><BR>That is a **** good album.<BR><BR>I am stuck on Indigenous and Little Charlie and the Nightcats this week, absolutely phenomenal guitar players in each band. <BR><BR>Hendrix rocks, Vaughn is my favorite, and some of Claptons early years.<BR><BR>Oh, well, i suppose i should go take a walk and have a La Corona Cigar (not that good)<BR><BR>asta la vista top linguini

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    Default Confessions of a born spectator

    Was not looking for an apology nither was i looking for a confession. Was not in the mood right then i guess and was just ranting when i was called names but someone.<BR><BR>Sometimes we do need a break like i mentioned in the post and a few of us are always there to give it to us. And when it happens when this board is not too busy we all accept that with open arms. I was trying to say let US (the so called regulars) NOT do it cause we seem to give the wrong impression to a lot of poeple and this this board becomes a haven for the unwanted. A few posts to continue a thread is never somethign anyone SHOULD question.<BR><BR>I have absolutely NO say what so ever as to what someone can post and what someone cant. So please dotn take it as *I* said so, so you wont do it. Just party on just the way you are. We are always loved (hated in my case) the way we are naturally.<BR><BR>

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