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    Jeff Chastain Guest

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    Has anybody seen this kind of error? I cannot find anything in Microsoft or anywhere else giving me any more information on how to fix it.<BR><BR>Anytime I setup an ADODB.Connection object and attempt to open a MS Access database either using a DSN or not, I get an error stating there was an &#039;error in the dll&#039;.<BR><BR>HELP - I have a production web server that is down because of this.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Jeff Chastain

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    Does it just say "error" or something more specific?

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    Jeff Chastain Guest

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    That is exactly what it says - &#039;error in dll&#039; - no other information. I have looked up the error code given (800401F9) in Micosoft and that is all it states as well.

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