Multiple SQLs called at same time?

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Thread: Multiple SQLs called at same time?

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    Default Multiple SQLs called at same time?

    Hello all..<BR>I&#039;m wondering if anything prevents me from doing the following...<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT * from tblCustomers WHERE "FirstName" = Jim "<BR><BR>SQL2 = "SELECT * from tblSalesPerson WHERE "City" = Toronto "<BR><BR>SQL3 = "SELECT * from tblVehicle WHERE "MAKE" = Honda "<BR><BR>and then doing the same three queries via...<BR><BR>rs.Open SQL, conn, 1,3<BR><BR>rs2.Open SQL2, conn, 1,3<BR><BR>rs3.Open SQL3, conn, 1,3<BR><BR>then putting that data onscreen then closing all via these statements?<BR><BR>rs.Close<BR><BR>rs2.Close<BR><B R>rs3.Close<BR><BR>WIll this work and allow me to show the results of those queries onscreen? And, then update those database table fields later when the content&#039;s been edited by the user in the same manner?<BR><BR>Jim

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    Default Yup

    I&#039;ve done stuff like that before, so it should work.

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    Although I am a newbie it seems to me your going to take a serious performance hit doing that and you will be better of to write a Stored Procedure or something to get what you are after with one database run.

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