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    Chad Franklin Guest

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    I’ve developed a shopping cart, unfortunately it uses GLOBAL.ASA. I found out that my Internet provider that I have doesn’t support anything. They just supply the space, that’s it, so I need a way to convert the WebPages to do pretty well the same thing without calling the GLOBAL.ASA page. What am I looking at for doing something like that? Is there an example that you could point me to?

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    Bikash Panda Guest

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    As you mentioed your ISP provides only the space & nothing else, you can not use ASP codes if the server does not support ASP. The most common web servers supporting ASP is Microsoft IIS4.0 with NT. You may also use ChilliASP, Apache, Coldfusion etc. for the same. Once you have the server ASP compatible, you can create your own Global.asp & ftp to your root directory there.

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    Chad Franklin Guest

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    Right now I&#039m using a personal web server that supports ASP and anything else I throw at it. Ya you’re right. I called them and confirmed. Well that really put a stop to my pages right now until I find a provider that supports ASP. Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>

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