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    The first time visitors come to my site I give them a cookie with a unique VisitorID that I record in a database to track number of visits, ip address, referers, revenue etc. The problem is OpenFind, a search engine bot, seems to be set to hit a page, index the page, delete cookies, hit another page etc. This results in 10,000 visitorID&#039;s being assigned whenever I get indexed (I have a lot of pages). <BR><BR>Any thoughts how I can not give this bot cookies (or record them in the database)? I don&#039;t want to restrict it in robots.txt. It uses multiple IP Addresses, but I could filter out the range it uses. <BR><BR>Perhaps the script I use to check to see if cookies are enabled has a bug. First I assign a cookie to the visitors and then request that cookie to make sure cookies are enabled. If I receive a response, I record the cookie and update the count. Here is the code:<BR><BR>&#039;-- Create a cookie on the visitor&#039;s computer<BR>Response.Cookies("Gump")("VisitorID") = VisitorID<BR>Response.Cookies("Gump").Expires = Now() + 365<BR>&#039;-- Check to make sure cookies are enabled <BR>If Request.Cookies("Gump")("VisitorID") &#060;&#062; "" Then <BR> objRSCookie2.AddNew<BR> objRSCookie2.Fields("VisitorID") = VisitorID<BR> ....<BR> objRSCookie2.Update<BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>Does anyone have any recommendations?<BR><BR>

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    Default bots don't support cookies

    they have no need for them, for one thing.<BR><BR>check the user-agent string before setting a cookie, or find a more elegant solution to this tracking malarkey.

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