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    I have a desktop application (VB 6.0,ADO2.5,XML2.0) that extracts data froma SQL Server 7.0 database. While running this app (in VB itself, not as an exe) I have got the following runtime error, although very rarely.<BR><BR>Run time error<BR>-2147220504(800403e8)<BR>UnHandled Error/Unspecifed Error<BR><BR>If I choose the "Debug" button, and run the aplication again after a while, it resumes successfully. My guess is that this usually happens only when the database server being accessed is very busy.<BR><BR>There is a whole lot of database access being done in the application. Most queries are big , nested Shape queries that retrive data into XML objects. The application has references to a custom object model that builds the complex queries. This model in turn calls a data access layer to actually run the queries.<BR><BR>This problem has been an obsacle in making a setup package. How do I get a workaround? Can I trap this kind of an error?<BR>Any help with this will be highly appreciated. <BR>

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    Upgrade to SQL 2000 and use the FOR XML Queries to get your recordsets instead of the SHAPE queries that eat up a lot of processing.<BR>

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    Well, we do not have the time to redo all the queries in the entire object model. The aim is to trap the error (that occurs rarely) and get a workaround. <BR>Any suggestions for the workaround?

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