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    Venkateswarlu Guest

    Default Multiuser in MsAccess

    Dear sir<BR><BR>we got a problem in my application using ADO&#039;s and Ms Access as backend in multiuser.We are not able to Generate Tansaction number.Same number is giving for different users and while saving it,giving unique constraint voilation.So please help me <BR>how to lock the record or table using ADOs and MsAccess.<BR><BR>thanking u <BR>

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    prakash Guest

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    well...<BR><BR>I had read something like Access will not support more than 10 concurrent sessions.<BR><BR>first of all what kind of ID are you looking<BR>is it a autonumber.<BR>or you are manually assigning one...??<BR><BR>Let me know more...about it...

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    venkateswarlu Guest

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    Thanku prakash<BR>We are generating autonumber<BR>ie continuoisly starting from 1 .

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    prakash Guest

    Default what is the problems...

    it automatically does ..??

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    venkateswarlu Guest

    Default RE: what is the problems...

    Problem is it is giving same number to different users<BR>if at all they access at a time.that means the locking system is not working,we are not able to handle that.<BR>

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    J Guest

    Default RE: what is the problems...

    Locking in access is poor, upgrade to SQL server.

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