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    Im in the development phase of an application that needs to be robust and am thinking about developing the app using ASP and VB. I have tons of experience with ASP and IE/Netscape, but am looking for a more robust environment.<BR><BR>Does anybody know any of the following:<BR><BR>1. How difficult is it to develop an ASP application in Visual Basic?<BR>2. Does anybody have any reference material they can refer?<BR>3. Does the completed VB app interact with the IIS server the same way as a browser? (I.e. response is sent to the requestor(VB App or Browser), and then completed (while session state remains) - or is the connection maintained?)<BR> 3a. If connection state is constantly maintained, what is the associated overhead?<BR><BR>Thanks for any/all feedback....!<BR>

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    It&#039;s very easy to develop an asp appication in vb. What you have to do is make COM in VB and use them in asp page. And you can do everything in VB as you can do in asp. You can use built in objects of asp(like request,response etc) in vb by using getObjectContext. I guess this is all difficult to explain here. I suggest u go thru ASP Unleashed by Stephen Walther. It has a full chapter on developing components in vb n is very helpful.<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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