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    Default Dim ing Global varables

    im having trouble setting global varables in a case loop <BR>and then resetting them later on, currently if i dont set them at the global level it has no idear of what they are or wont set any varables<BR><BR>whats up?

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    Default You can only DIM a variable once...

    ...but you can assign a value to it as often as you need.<BR><BR>SO move the DIM *outside* *ANY* loops.<BR><BR>If I didn&#039;t understand your question, then show your code.<BR><BR>

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    Default More info on Dim

    In VB and asp, Dim statements are processed only once. So it doesn&#039;t matter if a Dim is put in a loop but I agree it is bad practice to put the Dim statement inside a loop.<BR>In asp, Dim statements are processed first so such statements can be placed anywhere in the file, even after that variable is called for in the program. But in VB Dim statement must preceed the calling of the variable.

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