Can anyone tell me how to get a custom made control show in VS&#039; popup atributes list. I have made some custom controls for the developers on my system, but it would be very neat if they could see alle the attributes of the control in the standard popup.<BR><BR>I register the control with this:<BR>&#060;%@ Register TagPrefix="Custom" Namespace="toolControls" Assembly="XMLTable"%&#062;<BR><BR>Which means I can now use the tag:<BR><BR>&#060;Custom:XMLTable runat="server" getXMLID="512" maxItems="10" /&#062;<BR><BR>This will write a table onto the page based on some XML i store in the database, but I would like to make the attributes, such as: runat, getXMLID, maxItems, show in a popup when typing in the tag.<BR><BR>ex:<BR><BR>&#060;Custom:XMLTable [a popup appears after i type the first space]<BR><BR>If/when i find out how to do this I will write a little "howto" on Custom Controls and publish it here. Custom Controls are **** cool ;)<BR><BR>/JanD