Hi-<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to use the Datagrid component to make a rather complex table. I&#039;ve used it before to make simple tables that display the results of a query.<BR><BR>What I&#039;m trying to do is display the results of a query that are grouped by a particular field. I have a list of products each of which belongs in a certain category. I have two tables tblProducts and tblProductCategories. I would like to display that results so it looks like<BR><BR>Product Category X<BR>------------------<BR>Product 1<BR>Product 2<BR><BR>Product Category Y<BR>------------------<BR>Product 3<BR>Product 4<BR>Product 5<BR><BR>Product Category Z<BR>------------------<BR>Product 6<BR><BR>Can anyone help me on how I would do this using DataBind and DataGrid? Thanks!