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    I am currently in the process of developing a shopping site.<BR>I will start developing on a single server but may upgrade to a web farm in the future which is why i am going to use cookies to store the customerid and basketid instead of sessions. I will be using SSL security and all the rest of it so basically what i want to know is am i thinking along the right lines and are a lot of the big shopping sites out there hosted on web farms?<BR>Do you forsee any problems or recommend only single server development for some reason or other? I would very much appreciate your input on this.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Definitely BOB. You don&#039;t want to be using Sessions, because if the server goes down...or the explorer is closed, or the power goes lose the customer. By using cookies, you ensure that the order is never lost.

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