Hey there. <BR><BR>Basically, I have a form that collects payment and personal information from users. The payment info (credit card) gets processed in real time by a third party vendor at a specific url off of our server. This server then redirects the user&#039s browser to a url which I specify with the results of the credit-card transaction in the Request.Form collection. That&#039s all fine...<BR><BR>The problem is that I need to keep some of that personal information in a separate database on our server. I don&#039t want to do a two-step submission process. So I either need to be able to process some data, then redirect it to the third party URL, or else submit the form to two different URLs.<BR><BR>I&#039ve already tried doing the database stuff, then just Response.Redirecting the browers, but the Form data disappears.<BR><BR>I&#039ve been wrestling with this for awhile, and haven&#039t found any solutions in any of my references. Perhaps this is getting into the area of specialized components, but any help someone could offer would be appreciated...<BR><BR>thx!