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    How can I display in my webpage a table that contains the list of Microsoft Word Document files names and their Properties in other virtual folder (using parameters)? In addition to the &#039;Document filename&#039; column , I also need to display &#039;Doument Comment&#039; and &#039;Document Author&#039;. Please advise what requirements needed (eg. Office Web components, object names and properties) and how to implement that.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.<BR><BR>Richard.

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    Default Summary Information Component

    You can use the summary information component from microsoft. It can display all the properties of the worddocument you can see if you rightclick on the file and choose properties. <BR><BR>You have to register the dll on the webserver (using regsvr32). You can get the component from microsoft. (I tried an search but I get some sort of error) I can email you the component and some samples if you like. In that case please let me know your email adress.<BR><BR>Peter

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