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    Is there a way to create a method in a class that accepts a sql statement and passes back a disconnected recordset??? I read the article here on 4guys that talks about doing it using a VB component but waht about included CLASSES??? help?

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    wussy boy noodle Guest

    Default same idea

    use the same code (or almost the same) from that article (i&#039;m assuming - i haven&#039;t seen the article)<BR><BR>here&#039;s how to do classes in vbscript: http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/vbscript/quickref/ClassStatement.html<BR><BR>according to bill wilkinson, though, vbscript classes are performance inhibitors

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    huh? Guest

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    I&#039;ve been fooling around with it... the problem comes when I assign the disconnected rs back to the function name to return. I assument the problem is because in ASP there is no variable types besides variants and arrays... that may be why it&#039;s bombing??? In the VB component you can declare you method name "function MyFunction(sql)as recordset" but that isn&#039;t possible in VB script... i dunno..?

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    what kind of problem are you having? what error?<BR><BR>you shouldn&#039;t have any kind of trouble due to data types<BR><BR>i&#039;ve done this many times with no problem<BR><BR>hmmm

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